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Repofix Surgical Technique
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Repofix – Small Bone Forcep

Repofix was developed to provide a more secure means of maintaining reduction of phalangeal fractures than the surgeon simply grasping and holding the patient’s fracture with one hand while attempting to drill, measure, and insert screws with their other hand. Or a surgeon trying to use fragment reduction forceps which may obstruct the surgical site and/or have to be removed prior to hardware placement.

With Repofix, you can maintain fracture reduction, measure bone width, and insert screws or wires all through the same device! No other instrument on the market accomplishes all of these steps as effectively in one single device.

View gallery images to see this products simple surgical technique.

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Repofix Complete Set

  • OM 91-000-Set with all guides and sterilization tray


Additional Information

Forcep (only)
  • OM 91-0100    5” (127mm)
    3.5mm    Inner diameter of tube, for guides and implants (screws/wires)
    40mm     Maximum measurable bone width
Available Drill/Wire Guides
  • OM 91-0208    .8mm drill/wire opening
  • OM 91-0209    .9mm drill/wire opening
  • OM 91-0210    1.0mm drill/wire opening
  • OM 91-0211    1.1mm drill/wire opening
  • OM 91-0212    1.2mm drill/wire opening
  • OM 91-0213    1.3mm drill/wire opening
  • OM 91-0215    1.5mm drill/wire opening
  • OM 91-0220    2.0mm drill/wire opening
Sterilization Tray
  • OM 91-0010     Large enough to contain Repofix Plus and Repofix Spider
Repofix Complete Set
  • OM 91-000-Set with all guides and sterilization tray