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Surgical Instruments Product Catalog

Download Surgical Instruments Catalog

All the surgical instruments featured in this catalog are made of the highest grade German stainless steel and are crafted to rigorous and exacting standards. We demand from our instrument makers: precision and reliability, consistency of pattern, and uniform surface.

Download Surgical Instruments Catalog Per Section

A – General Surgical Instruments
Includes: Super Cut Scissors, Operating Scissors, Dissecting Scissors, Suture scissors, Tungsten Carbide Scissors, Bandage Scissors, Utility Scissors/Wire Scissors, Hemostatic Forceps, Intestinal Forceps, Tubing and Utility Forceps, Towel and Sponge Forceps, Dressing & Tissue Forceps, Splinter Forceps, Needle Holders, Suction Tubes, Scalpel Handles, Probes/Suture Instruments, Suture Passers

Download A-General-Instruments

D – Foot and Ankle Instruments
Includes: Nail Splitters, Tissue Nippers, Nail Forceps, Nail Scissors, Hand Instruments, Dermal Instruments

Download D-Foot-and-Ankle-Instruments

E – Cast Room Instruments
Includes: Scissors and shears, Saws, Knives, Cast Breakers, Cast Spreaders

Download E-Cast-Room-Instruments

F – Bone Files and Rasps
Download F-Bone-Files-and-Rasps

G – Elevators, Awls and Bone Hooks
Download G-Elevators-Awls-and-Bone-Hooks

H – Bone Curettes
Download H-Bone-Curettes

I – Skin Hooks and Retractors
Includes: Finger Retractors, Hip Retractors, Shoulder Retractors, Knee Retractors, Hohmann Retractors, Vickers Retractors, Self Retaining Retractors, Fiberoptic Retractors, Multi Trac Retractors

Download I-Skin-Hooks-and-Retractors

J – Osteotomes Chisels and Gouges
Includes: Interchangeable Set, Chisels, Gauges, Osteotomes

Download J-Osteotomes-Chisels-and-Gouges

K – Mallets, Tamps, Impactors and Drivers
Download K-Mallets-Tamps-and-Impactors

L – Bone Holding Surgical Instruments
Including: Bone holding foreceps, Bone Reduction Forceps, Pelvic Reduction Foreceps, Bone Holding Clamps, Self-Retaining Forceps, Reduction Clamp

Download L-Bone-Holding-Instruments

M – Bone Cutting Surgical Instruments
Including: Foreceps, Saws, Amputations Shield and Knife, Saw Blades and Handles, Plug Cutter, Trephine

Download M-Bone-Cutting

N – Rongeurs
Download N-Rongeurs

O – Spinal Rongeurs and Punches
Including: Kerrison Punches, Intervertebral Disc Rongeurs; Cervical Punches, Laminectomy Punches, Foramenotomy Punches, Endoscopic Punch

Download O-Spinal-Rongeurs-and-Punches

P – Cartilage and Tendon Instruments
Including: Cartilage Instruments, Tendon Instruments, Grasping Forceps, Tendon Strippers, Cartilage Knives

Download P-Cartilage-Tendon-Instruments

Q – Arthroscopic Instruments
Including: Arthroscopic Instruments, Biopsy Scissors and Punches, Grasping Forceps

Download Q-Arthroscopic-Instruments

R – Wire and Pin Implants
Including: Kirshner Wires, Steinmann Pins, Guide Wires, Shanz Pins, Cerclage Wire, Jurgan Pin Balls and General Set, Wire and Pin Sterilization Containers

Download R-Wire-and-Pin-Implants

S – Wire and Pin Management
Including: Wire Storage and Sterilization, Wire Drivers and Benders, Hand Drills, Wire and Pin Cutters, Rod Cutters, Cable Cutters, Plate Cutting Forceps, Pliers, Double Action Pliers, Locking Pliers, Locking Pliers with Slaphammers, Wire Tighteners and Twisters, Wire Guides and Tractors

Download S-Wire-and-Pin-Management

T – Bone Screws and Plates
Including: Cortical Bone Screws, Maleolar Bone Screws, Cancelous Bone Screws, Coretx Self-Tapping Bone Screws, Bone Plates

Download T-Bone-Screws-and-Plates

U – Bone Screws Management
Including: Drill Bits, Sterilization Case, Countersinks, Taps, Depth Gauges/Couping Handles, Drill Guides and Sleeves, Screwdrivers, Tension Devices, Wrenches, Bending Insruments

Download U-Bone-Screw-Management

W – Measuring Devices
Including: Screw Depth Gauges, Calipers, Rulers

Download W-Measuring-Devices

X – Minimally Invasive Instruments
Including: Collateral Retractors, Tribal Retractor, Z Retractors, PCL Retractor, Soft Tissue Retractor, Patella Protector, Access MIS Retractor Set

Download X-MIS-Instruments

Y – Sterile Processing Trays and Containers
Including: Sterilisation Trays and Containers, Cleaning Brushes, Instrument Trays, Mixing Solution Bowls, Medicine and Iodine Cups, Instrument Stringers, Instrument Identification, Instrument Protectors

Download Y-Sterile-Process-Contain-Brushes

Z – Miscellaneous Instruments
Including: Lead Hands, Forceps Holders, Finger Ring Cutter, Pin Wheel

Download Z-Miscellaneous-Instruments

AA – Instrument Trays and Racks
Including: Hibbs-Brun Rack, Lambotte Rack, Smith Peterson Rack, Brun Rack, Hoke Rack, Cobb Rack, OrthoMed K-Wire and Steinmann Pin Sterilization Case

Download AA-Trays-and-Racks

BB – Surgical Instrument Sets
Including: Nail Set, Small Fragment Screw Set, Basic Screw Set, Mini Fixation Set, Mini Bone Wire Set, Small Bone Wire Set, Large Bone Wire Set, Buried Wire Set, Suture Passers and Microsurgical Instruments, Orthopaedic Sets, Pelvic Instrument Sets,

Download BB-Surgical-Instrument-Sets

Measurement Conversion Charts
Download Measurement-Conversion